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WERTCO is a Brazilian company, manufacturer of supply pumps designed to meet the new MTPS regulation 1109 and other requirements of the market, respecting the norms of health, metrology and, mainly, inhibition of supply fraud.

Addressing the market's need for high safety, connectivity and sustainability pumps, Wertco innovates with reliable, durable, modern, easy-to-integrate products and with more possibilities and functionality for the business.

Formed by professionals with knowhow in the market of manufacturing of pumps of supply and in addition to the group of electronics development of Companytec, Wertco develops products based on three important values: Reliability, Durability and Possibilities.



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Electronics developed by Companytec Automação e Controle, leader in the Brazilian automation market for gas stations.
Commercial partnership with North American company Bennett for supply of hydraulic assemblies that are reference of high performance, easy maintenance and super-resistance to the characteristics of operation of the pumps in Brazil.


Products designed with materials used in the aeronautics and automotive industry, which guarantee greater resistance to wear and tear resulting from the use of the equipment, besides a differentiated design and great finishing.


Connectivity and Integration with systems and devices.
Preparation for receiving steam extraction systems.
Modular and rational design.

High Security

Electronics developed to meet electrical safety requirements and robustness. Designed to make it difficult, to the maximum, the most diverse attempts of fraud that exist in the market.

Features Innovative

Simple, modern and easy integration and connectivity was designed and developed using as reference the Inmetro ordinance nº 559. Electronics composed of 7 parts:

• Controller (separate from the rest to minimize possible substitutions);
• Interface / Source / Drive;
• Indicator - LCD (Display);
• Touch keys + RFID reader; • Transducer (pulser) / Nozzle sensor;
• Loop current compatible with most automation systems on the market;
• Media Module (Optional).

Other electronics differentials:

• Standardized Electronics - All pump models have the same components. Lower cost of spare parts and agility in replacement;

• Operation with up to 3 price levels - cash (sight), debit card, credit card;

• Automatic hardware identification - no jumpers or part configurations during a part change. The controller identifies the "plug and play" components;

• Distributed intelligence - independent internal data network on the side, reducing connections; ease of maintenance and reduction of general situations (one side does not interfere in the other); possibility to extend new functions in the system just by adding modules;

• System allows configuration and update by pendrive - agility in loading configurations through model files and reducing maintenance time;

• Backup configuration of the controller in the interface - in case of extreme change of the controller there is no loss of time of the mechanic./>

Configuration and management through contactless cards:
- Management Card - allows you to configure the pump operation options;
- Technical Card - technical level access that allows changing the operating profiles; - System Card - management of parameters related to communication with the management system of the station.

System Identification Identfid® * from Companytec. It allows the unlocking of the pump by means of identification, it allows the control of productivity for bracers and the implementation of loyalty programs. Compatible with other automations.
* The system requires license to use.

Recording memory of the last 50 complete supplies.

Portico is a design solution in the pumps for the standardization of the environment of the station when there is a need to use high and low hose pumps in the same supply coverage or for the replacement of the product, island or supply position indicators.

Nozzle holder with polycarbonate product indicator ensures durability and facilitates cleaning and maintenance.

Robust base built with materials that do not suffer from corrosion.

Tempered and screened glass display internally with white digits on black background for easy reading day or night.

1.5 "digit display with LED backlight and black background. Energy saving and longer lighting life.

Perpetual totalizer with e-ink technology (the image does not disappear even with the pump off). Agility in the conference of electronic totalizers, informing number of the nozzle and complete totalizer.

Touch keypad on the display glass itself, with illuminated LED numbers. Durability and tightness (no water enters).

Product indicators adhesive behind the glass; better finish and durability.

Multimedia (optional) developed and managed by the station, with LCD monitor of 10.4 "and connections via cable or pendrive. The multimedia of the WERTCO pumps, can be used for:
- Promotion of products and services;
- Exclusive communication channel with clients;
- Generation of additional revenue;

- Ethernet connection;
- Bluetooth optional;
- Loop current (compatible with most automation systems on the market).

SMC (Sheet Molding Compoud) is a composite consisting of a thermosetting resin, reinforcing fibers, mineral fillers and thermoplastic additives.

Front panel, side panels, door frames and closures made of aluminum, high corrosion resistant material.

Up to three configurable price levels at the pump (cash, credit card and debit card).

Certified by UL do Brasil and approved by Inmetro, the pumps comply with the latest Brazilian technical standards for protection and safety.

Designed to facilitate and reduce service and maintenance time.





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